Now i want to tell about my friends since in Secondary school ^^ 

First , is Adlina  ; she is lovely and caring people. I start know her since form 1 then me and she in the same class so when teacher ask to introduce ourself so we start conversation with each other :) 

Second is Amirah ; she is talkative person who always talk 24 hours non stop and she is ma twin nyehehehe :p well act i start know her since standard 6 but when form 1 and same class we start close and be a "twin". In the class me and her sit beside so we be soooooo close ah.

Third is Widad  ; she is my nenek boo a.k.a my baby muahahaha yeah we know each other since in primary school but i forgot in standard what -.- but me and her be close in this year ah bc idk lol but she's kind .

Fourth is Yasmin  ; she's the person who always act like kiddo hahahaha i always being crazy with she :* i start know she same like adlina :) but she ever once tuition in the same tuition center with me but i never saw her idk if i blind or what LOL . But i love be crazy with my baby ni :p

Fifth is Ellia  ; she is my gossip girl. I love to gossip with her . i start know she when ad introduce ellia to me bc when in form 1 me and ellia not in the same class but just her class just beside of my class so when recess we will rest together :D 

Sixth is Nana  ; she is very sporting girl and kind too yeah i know her same with ellia or forgot to say that ellia and nana are "twin" hehehehehehe. not real twin just like friends couple. They so close just bc their house only side by side only and they're neighbour .

And the last one is Husna the chicken ; hahahahaha she is kiddo forever bc the person so cute and small idk but this is the truth no lie! hahahaha i love to make joke with her and just like hobby we do together >.< hm i start know her when in primary sch too but we're not close ah but this year we like family.


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