hye fellows :3

act i hv a big prob today hm "that girl a.k.a that bij" do something shxt hahahaha srsly her told all angel that she hate me and whatever thingy. Act her start first and who ask her to lying all ANGEL . She said that she meet teentop but she never meet teentop then kakao with teentop and you know what she said that ljoe couple with her. You know whut i just HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LIAR! now she happy cause make me angry and embrassed hah? Hell no! Until now you dont ask forgiveness at me. But i can give you forgiveness sorry i just no! hm idk you make me like this then you ask me to forget all this. But alhamdulillah , onni aida help me by slowtalk with that gurl then ask her to deleted all her tweets abt me. srsly her attitude like errrrrrrrrr -.- i regret to know you heeeeeee. Hm today the prob settle already and no worries :) im fine but not so finee . i just can forget what her did to me. My twin always support and give some spirits to me sobs i just omggggg lucky i hv friend like her :* she is sungyeol wifeu okay? heee. okay past is past {nenek teach this} hehehe okay ppyong :*

Written by me at Thursday, May 30, 2013 | 0 Pinkzluv{s}