5 Days "kem" At Masjid Tuanku Mizan

Ohyaaaaa guys , longg time i didn't updated my blog bc i hv "kem" at masjid tunku mizan hm it's act "kem tahfiz dan pemantapan fardhu ain pekfa" srsly i so suprise that my mum said i hv to join the "kem" oh srsly! before the "kem" jeball i don't want omggg! Bc many homeworks not finish yet bc of that i don't want but how can i do my mum done list my name fot into the "kem" hm but i already "insaf" lol hahahahahahhaha. It was a best moments with hanani , hanis , hazlin , kak auni , atiqah , athirah & izzah. Especially ustazah omooooooo . She is sporting person aigoo i love her :* heeeeeee , the moment when today the last day then before when to back to home we hv to hug ustazah hm at that moment when ustazah hugged me tightly i feel Ya Allah , wanna to cry but i hold my tears at that time idk i feel so sad when hug ustazah :'( 

 *thats ustazah with her childrens* i know cute :3 well happy family :)

I got many knowledge after joined the "kem" well yeah. Alhamdulillah :) heeeee & got many friends yeayy!

& got "adik-adik comel" heeee cute right i know :p 

                                         i will miss them <3 best moment ever :*

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