' meet someone '
 annyeong and hye guys :)

well today i think a awesomeeeeeeeee day ever :) bc today my ot8 gurls hang at mamak while waiting for sewing class xD hahaha then being crazy & bla bla bla ((idk how to describe how happy i am)) btw its not complete without yamin t.t sobs btw after sewing class ended we going to practise aerobis for band 6 but only me , husna , omma , shaza and others. You know what we practise at "pusat aktiviti kanak-kanak" . We practise at there~ That house manage by "atuk" we called him by that name :) heee its cute. hm i miss a granpa's love sobs. hm he's too kind and sporting haha when we were karaoke kpop song he like "omo omo" k , he understand what we like & love. Then shaza ask "atuk , do you want this kpop songs?" ((inmalay)) then atuk " of course xD" nomu kyeopta . srsly he is too kind :aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa;;; I feel like want to go there everyday ahaks xD okay just that i want to share with you allss. 

Btw today #TEENTOPRocking1stWin

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