not okay

today the day that #EXO1stWin *omg suho is crying sobs* yeayy overload happy!

but look at the tittle now i want to tell you all abt my feeling hm idk it's bc of my worst result exam or what . Hm this month i got many problems how to do i just patient & only that i can do right? or maybe keep pray to Allah :) yeah that's the good solution. You know many ppl keep annoyed me at sch idk what to do w/ her i just can't stand with her attitude tbh ;;; well me & mira just cant hold all this T.T okay i want to tell you that "that gurl" just ask forgave to me today abt 12a.m hm i think give me some times to me i can't forget that you did at me i just sorry but one day i'll accept you :) don't worry. Urgh after i told all i feel //omggggggg feel so good /// yeayyyyyyy ! im okay maybe hahahaha well that's all for today guyss :D

                                                               ziqah xoxo

Written by me at Friday, June 14, 2013 | 0 Pinkzluv{s}