miss ad
hey peoplee 

lets yowwwwwwww! i wanna share something. its all about our beloved maknae "Adlina" well i dont know if you read or not hee :) i hope so you read this. well lets start. i'd know she since form 1 (2012)  well its been 2 years since this year become to the corner. sobs. i know i have many moments with you. when sukantara , hari sukan and many more. we always together. i miss all about us :'( well idk until when we didnt face to face even we're not fight --' idk. it's up to you ~ i and omma always waiting when you wanna fangirling & talk & gossip with us. well you didnt do any mistakes well its me! dont you dare to cry k :p smile please :) heeee. Hope you be like always again. jebal ................. Gikwang wifeu

                                    Dear AD , im waiting okay dear? :') 


well i keep praying that you can gossip & fangirling with us. Well i jinjja miss chuuu 

                     sincerely ,          
ziqah xoxo 

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