yow , annyeong , hye le stalker :p

long time not update sobs. Btw hm i'm gonna share something well idk. hm. it's all about being fake. i'm tired being the happy one the happy virus the only happy gurl infront of friends & etc. demmit i'm a liar right? well i'm gonna to said i'm not that lucky gurl and happy gurl. i'm only fat and ugly girl. the fact k. Hm i know that many of my schoolmates hate me and i know i accepted it. Today i'm happy bc i'm having fun with ad , omma , nenek , nana , ellia , husna , yasmin and baby lulu hahaha srs i'm happy today :') when i want to talk facetoface with the person i hate ahhhhhhhhhhhhh //screaming. i can't. i'm weak. i'm dumb. today , i make her cried. But at least i be honest right. hm i don't make sin by gossip abt her complain hate and etc -.- ah , idk what to do next week exam doh ;_; okay , ziqah u can do! hm maybe?? HWAITING !

                                                                                                             dyo's aegi

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