hurt me feb'14
Assalamualaikum & hye guys :')

It was my sad day in the 1st of the month. Ya Allah kau berilah kekuatan kepadaku. I'm weak i can't makin lama makin manja aku ni. Like srsly aku tak pernah agungkan kan kpop ni i just interest of the music the drama the variety can u pls once understand me? Tak semestinya i spamming 24/7 i donnot study do my homeworks i alr did okay. But u never seen me when i'm doing. Pls do not tuduh like aku malas semua tu just u r the one tak nampak aku buat tu. Ermm yang nampak my fault my bad side then what do u want from me? i'm not perfect but i try to be but i can't. Even i try to be a good people a smart gurl but if i could make u proud. Only mum understand me how the way of her daughter is. Ya Allah. Kau tabahkan aku. First time u scold me like that. Mana aku tak sentap weh. U'll understand me if u r at my condition :') OKay i'll try be good i can insyaallah :D I CAN. Entahlah now i feel nobody care about me but my mum still here for me. I just love her so much// erm i'm tired for le cries erm bye

Written by me at Saturday, February 01, 2014 | 0 Pinkzluv{s}