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missing that smile.................

una wif ad 2012


missing this two dorks

arissa pelanggan setiaku yang sentiasa mengambil khidmat kaunselingku 2014

gurlsss 2012

Suddenly, miss someone who had once been special to me and feel lost like Allahurabbi terasanya Ya ALLAH. Too much missing the old days and why im bein like this. Next year, will be spm year aduh times flies. Act do miss the old me. Why? Because now I choose to be silent person and too lazy to talk like whut that’s not me. Sometimes, someone tegur why r u bein like this maybe I feel like everybody annoy since I have no place to stand beside and feel everyone ignore me like okay im understand when u need me u ask about me but act I don’t mind but sometimes it’s feel Allah it’s hard for me sometimes. Im just missing the one who’s very like to hear my story Allah rindunyaaa. Now, hard since we r not in the same class I just missing u like crazy. Btw, I kind of easy speak with u. my soulmate J hahahahahaha okay why im bein so weird donno. Arwah Ad kata “u r not alone, kitaorang kan ada.” Ofcourse u all always with me but it’s not that uolls tak layak dgr my luahan just I feel don’t right since it just make u guys blame urself ahaks maybe no. I do love ot8 so much I just miss when we went to ayer 8 on 24January2015 . Last picture with 8 members last gathering together as 8. Allah. Actually this to omma and everyone, sorry I can’t even think I can be a good friends and bestie since I’m not understand u well and im such a annoy person that sucks ur life with my weird & worst  attitude. Takyah nak tipu haha u guys like me and cakap I baik semua actually tak mashaAllah memang patut I dapat tu sebab entah rasa serba salah control my body and I just keep blame myself cs sucks ur life. Takyah nak tipu korang tak terasa apa yang I dah buat. Hm sesungguhnya I’m ordinary Allah’s servants. Maafkan saya if terkutuk ke and pernah annoy ur life Allah takde niat pun cuma jokes and sometimes jokes make it worst lewls im sorry I just love u guys too much and ukhwah will be my favourite girls in school, inshaAllah. Arissa, mimy and everyone lah termasuk hehe. Ghindunyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Kalau lah ada peluang keluar sesame semua kan best. Pastu en I don’t even know how to layan semua sekali serentak im sorry if memang selalu ignore orang yelah ramai kot kenat understanding sikit bae I ramai huhu. sorry again! Sumpah I do love u guys so much but sorry if I make u hate me so much cs me is me hihi. Lots of luvvvvvvv 
p/s tu throwback gambo nanti ukhwah comin soon huhu loveeeeeeee

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